Musicola The all Australian designed and made Jukebox
An important part of Australian history
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Page 5 Model F-100

 F-100 #P27                        F100 side view
F-100 mechanism and record rack                F-100 rear view                  

The Model F-100 played both sides of 50 7" 45 RPM records. Produced 1958-59. 

This was the first of the stereophonic models.

It featured a turntable traveling left to right with a lightweight tonearm fitted with a Ronette cartridge, sapphire stylus and a stationary record rack holding 50 7" records.

The stylish new cabinet had a 7 valve stereophonic amplifier incorporating sockets for extension speakers and a remote control.

The new stereophonic sound was produced by two 8" Rola speakers located in the front of the cabinet covered by metal grills. The speakers were slightly angled outwards to produce that great new stereophonic sound.

Music selection was made by a push buttons on the faceplate that consisted of two banks of red push buttons numbered 1-20 and a separate green bank in the middle lettered A-E.

The machine was lit by two fluros. One was placed above coloured plastics producing the now familiar Musicola rainbow lighting effect over the speaker grills.

The Musicola Logo in plastic lettering was mounted above the record playing mechanism on backlit white perspex. Instructions on selection and operation were located on a cardboard label displayed within the selection panel titles.

With what was to come next, this machine may possibly have been the Mark 1.

The model pictured is the only remaining F-100.

As you can tell it is early in the restoration stage. One of the challenges with restoring Musicola Jukeboxes is the lack of availability of parts. Being uniquely Australian, no other parts from any other Jukeboxes will fit and there are no manuals available so any information or parts are greatly appreciated!

                        F-100, E40-10 and M12-10C                                             V-100, M10-12B and M12-10C 
                                  all in my lounge room pre filming for the ABC TV show  Collectors.   I'm in Heaven!

                                   The Brunswick engineering factory today. 1-9 Ballarat street Brunswick

                                                To view a video of the F-100 simply click on the link below