Musicola The all Australian designed and made Jukebox
An important part of Australian history
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Page 4 Model E40-10

                                  Musicola E40-10 #1015                                     Factory photo E40-10 78rpm rear view 

                          Retrofitted 45rpm mechanism                                                  E40-10 Amplifier               
                            awaiting restoration #1028

             Later E40-10 78rpm mechanism featuring                       Early mechanism featuring thumbscrew cartridge.
                             Ronette cartridge #1015

The E40-10 played both sides of 20 78rpm 10" records. Produced 1955-1957.

This model used a mechanism that was similar to the American produced AMI model C.

It was housed in a similar cabinet to the M12-10C undergoing cosmetic changes such as buttoned upholstery and a new 40 push button selector panel covering the entire faceplate.The faceplate had pricing and selection instructions as well as advertising current & popular hits, classical & old favourites. Pricing appeared on the coin chute and rear louvres as 6d and 1/-.

It featured an upgraded mono amplifier with larger input and output transformers improving the sound reproduction being delivered by either a 12"  Magnavox, MSP Alcoman or Rola speaker located in the front of the cabinet. The perspex louvres were again backlit by two fluros illuminating coloured plastics.

The mechanism consisted of a record rack holding 20 10" records traveling left to right with a stationary turntable.
Earlier models used a tonearm again featuring a thumbscrew cartridge that used a sapphire tipped steel needle whilst later models had a lightweight tone arm using a Ronette cartridge and sapphire stylus.

Unfortunately the mechanism suffered from overheating problems due to the poor quality of the motors which were used in the transfer mechanism.This in time would cause the machine to be perceived as unreliable.

These were also retrofitted to play 7" 45rpm records by two methods. One involved replacing the record rack, transfer arm and turntable.The turntable was replaced with a Collaro turntable unit as pictured. Models were then rebadged as C/U meaning converted unit, whilst others were fitted with 10" vinyl plates that supported 7" 45's. A brass collar was then fitted to the drive spindle of the turntable enabling it to spin at 45 RPM. The serial numbering for these machines began in the 1000's.

Pictured is model #1015 and # 1028, awaiting restoration.

                                                   Factory photo showing E40-10's and a M10-12C in production

       Converted Unit E40-10 next to an M12-10B. Notice the slightly differnt sized MUSICOLA lettering on the E40-10.
                                                     To view a video of the E40-10 simply click on the link below