Musicola The all Australian designed and made Jukebox
An important part of Australian history
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                              Musicola M12
-10B   #217                             M12-10B rear view showing mechanism


                                    M12-10B amplifier                                  M12-10B sliding tray mechanism featuring
                                                                                                                      Ronette Cartridge.        
The 12-10B  played one side of 12 10" 78 RPM records. Produced 1951-1953.

The selections were made by a push button selector resembling a telephone rotary dial located on the front of the machine using a sliding tray mechanism holding 12 10" records.

It had a locally produced five valve push pull mono amplifier featuring two rotary dials for volume and tone control, incorporating sockets for an extension speaker and remote volume control. This powered a 12" Magnavox or Rola speaker located in the front of the cabinet behind a mesh cover.

They were powered by motors that were also locally produced by Byer who also made the first wire recorders in Australia.

The cabinet featured two pink perspex strips backlit by six red globes. The record playing, selection choices and pricing could be viewed through the backlit red perspex window located in the lid of the machine. Pricing was set at
1 record 3d , 3 records 1/-.

Musicola in chrome lettering was mounted on top of the machine attached to pink backlit perspex.

A tonearm featuring a thumbscrew cartridge that used a sapphire tipped needle similar to the pre war Seeburgs and Wurlitzers was fitted and was advertised as being good enough for at least 2000 plays.

Models were later retrofitted to play 7" 45 RPM records with a simple gearing change, tonearm adjustment, and  lightweight cartidge upgrade.

These were a reliable machine and very stunning in their gold trim and art deco design. 

  Factory photo of M12-10B mechanism featuring the        M12-10B and  M12-10 mechanisms in production.
thumbscrew Cartridge and sapphire tipped steel needle.                                                                            

                                                                          Musicola M12-10B #217

              M12-10B Advertisement                  M12-10B and a serious Coca Cola collection       Byer Motors under construction

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