Musicola The all Australian designed and made Jukebox
An important part of Australian history
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      Early Musicola M12-10C        Musicola M12-10C 78 rpm      Musicola M12-10C 45 rpm  #453

The M12-10C  played one side of 12 10" 78 rpm records.  Produced 1953-56.

These machines continued with the sliding tray mechanism using the same motor and a similar amplifier as the earlier M12-10B that now powered either a 12"  Rola or Magnavox speaker located behind the bottom louvres. Later models were fitted with an 12" MSP speaker and an upgraded amplifier similar to the next model, the E40-10.

These models had a cast streamlined tonearm with the letter M emblazoned on near the tip. These also used a thumbscrew cartridge fitted with sapphire tipped steel needles. The restyled cabinet had the selector mechanism on an angle featuring instructions on selection and pricing, one record sixpence, two records one shilling, on the face plate.

The mechanism was more visible through the clear laminated curved canopy. Now cast and no longer hand made it resulted in a better looking and working machine than the M12-10B.

The earlier version of the M12-10C had three rows of yellow and blue coloured louvres in the bottom of the cabinet which were backlit by a fluro whilst the top of the cabinet was backlit by a fluro illuminating colored plastics that produced a rainbow effect on the horizontal louvres. 

The later version of the cabinet was backlit by two fluros behind coloured plastics illuminating slanted white perspex louvres in the top and bottom producing a rainbow effect. It now had MUSICOLA and POPULAR HITS emblazoned in different colours on two lightboxes and the selection and pricing instructions were placed the other way around.

Alfred Wilding once complained that the curved metal canopy frame cost more than five times the original estimate to be manufactured and almost killed him to have them produced.

The M12-10C was also retrofitted to play 7" 45 rpm records by a gearing change, fitting a lightweight plastic Collaro tonearm with a ceramic cartrdge and a sapphire stylus . 

This machine in it's 45 rpm format is the most commonly found Musicola.

etrofitted 45 playing mechanism with the                78 playing mechanism with metal 
          lighter plastic Collaro tone arm #318                          Musicola tone arm #453

         Early M
12-10C Amplifier              Rear view M12-10C             Later M12-10C Amplifier 
                                                                                                              with additional transformer 

                         Factory photo of Musicola M10-12C's and E40-10's in various
                         stages of production. Note the llluminated machine in the middle.

              M12-10C's displaying both light and dark veneer finishes that were available.

                        To view a video of the M12-10C 45 RPM simply click on the link below


          To view a video of the 78rpm M12-10C under going restoration click on the link below