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Page 6 Model V-100 Mark 2

    Musicola  V-100 #03                                   V-100 side view          

V-100 mechanism                                   V-100 rear view        

Advertising brochure promoting the V-100

The Model V-100 Mark 2 played both sides of  50 7" 45 rpm records. Produced 1959-60.

This was to be the Musicola swan song.

The V contained a differently styled record rack but retained the same turntable mechanism as the F-100 with small upgrades. The turntable travel motor sat discreetly underneath the motor board allowing a more futuristic appearance. The mechanism was now housed in a radical new space age designed cabinet never before seen in Australia.

The cabinet was lit by three fluros, two of which were painted blue and red, backlighting the perspex sides. It had two fifties table styled legs and a block at the rear for support. It used a lightweight tone arm with Ronette cartridge and sapphire stylus.

The stereophonic sound was produced by a 7 valve amplifier pumping through two 12" Rola speakers located behind perspex grills.

Pricing was displayed with a decal on the front perspex window at the now familiar price of 1 play 6d, 2 plays 1/.

A Musicola metal badge was affixed to the front grill.

Selections were chosen by two banks of numerical red push buttons numbering 1-20 and a single black bank that was alphabetized from A-E similar to the Model F.

These were trialed around various clubs and pubs in Melbourne.

Alas they suffered from mechanical problems and were withdrawn from service and subsequently destroyed. This is thought to be the only remaining model.

Pictured is model #03 of approximately 135.

                  V-100 Amplifier                                  V-100 Amplifier top view                            Musicola V-100 Mark 2

                                           To view a video of the Mark 2 V-100 simply click on the link below