Musicola The all Australian designed and made Jukebox
An important part of Australian history
Page 1 The Musicola story
Page 2 Model M12-10B
Page 3 Model M12-10C
Page 4 Model E40-10
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Page 7 Other Australian made Jukeboxes, links and Contact Me

Musicola E 40-10 Jukebox awaiting delivery

Musicola name plates from various models

If you have an Aussie Wurlitzer or Musicola Jukebox, parts for an Aussie Wurlitzer or Musicola Jukebox, wish to sell an Aussie Wurlitzer or Musicola Jukebox  or have any information on Aussie Wurlitzers or Musicola Jukeboxes no matter how small, or you would like to know more. Please contact me.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am attempting to set up a photo and serial based register of all Musicola and Wurlitzer Jukeboxes to ascertain how many models were produced with their different modifications. If you have a photo please send it in.

I would also love to purchase a Musicola M12-10, a Musicola M12-10C early version with yellow and blue louvres, an Aussie Wurlitzer 600 and a Fraser and Hosking Jukebox to complete the collection. I hope one day to have them all on view.

I am also researching Australian Wurlitzer Jukeboxes Model 600 and Model S and any information regarding their manufacture as well as the Australian designed and manafactured Hosking and Fraser tabletop Jukeboxes. 

 I do have further information regarding Wurlitzers and the Fraser and Hosking Jukebox but the Telstra supplied website just falls over if I make it any larger.

So stay tuned for website Mark 2 regarding the birth of the Australian Jukebox which is currently in production. Bigger, Bolder and Brighter! It will feature much more info on the Australian Wurlitzer and Fraser & Hosking Jukeboxes.
I'm working on it!


                 Wurlitzer Jukebox Model 600                       Fraser & Hosking Tabletop Jukebox                                 Wurlitzer Jukebox Model S
                           24 play 45 rpm                                          12 play 78 rpm   1 of 19                                                   24 play 45 rpm #1098

                                              Please contact me and help preserve this important and interesting part of Australian history.

                                                          or call me on my business number 0414 858 635
                                                                                                   Thanks for your time.

                                                                                                     Have a great day. 



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Many Thanks to Max, Des, Harry, Sam, Kathy, Jan and Gary, Peter, Rob, Lee,  Rory, Bob, Jeff, Peter, Lachlan,
and The Boss (my wife) for all their help and support.

Newspaper clipping from the South Australian Newspaper THE NEWS 1949

                                                                              Musicola Jukeboxes at night 


                                                      M12-10 (lower) and Mark 2 V-100 (upper) advertisments

                                                                       Wurlitzer Model S advertisment  

To view a video of The Dog and I celebrating the M12-10C working after it blew up simply click on the link below